On-Set Paramedics

Stand-by emergency medical care for cast & crew. Specialising in stunt safety, Action & Emergency offers a tailor-made service to suit your production’s needs.

Registered Paramedics

All officers are approved clinicians on the national paramedical register. Ensuring they remain up-to-date with current clinical practices, are appropriately qualified, experienced and maintain skills to a national standard.

Licenced & Insured

Our company is appropriately insured with public liability, medical malpractice and professional indemnity insurances. Available weekdays, weekends, nights and public holidays. Servicing Perth metropolitan & regional locations.

Graded Stunt Performer

Action & Emergency is owned and operated by a MEAA Graded stunt performer. Providing a unique insight to potential risks involved with a variety of action sequences. Aiming to identify the potential for harm BEFORE paramedic skills are required.

What To Expect

All patient’s that can be assessed and treated on-set will be suitably managed on location. For instances where patients require urgent transport to hospital, the on-set paramedic will initiate treatment and manage any life-threatening conditions prior to handing-over for transportation to an emergency department.

The paramedic on-location will liaise with the state emergency Ambulance Service to arrange for priority transport, if required. Once hand-over is complete, your paramedic will remain on-set to provide medical coverage throughout the duration of the production – so as not to incur any down time or losses.

Services & Kits

Standard Kit

+ Oxygen Kit
+ Basic Life Support Kit
+ Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Oxygen Kit

– C Cylinder Oxygen / Suction Unit
– BLS Airway Management [BVM, OPA & NPA’s]
– Adult/ Paediatric Masks:
[Nebulisers, Hudson, Non-Rebreathers & Nasal Prongs]

Basic Life Support Kit

– Minor Trauma Care & Dressings
– Bites & Stings
– Burns management
– Strapping
– Minor Pain Relief & OTC Medications

Advanced Kit

+ Standard Kit [BLS + Oxygen kit]
+ Advanced Kit
+ 12- Lead ECG monitor

Advanced Life Support Kit

– Major Trauma & Wound Care [Tourniquets + Pelvic Splints]
– Intravenous Cannulation Kit
– Scheduled Medication Kit
– Advanced Airway Management [LMA’s, ETT, Cricothyrotomy]

Extrication Equipment

– Carry Canvas
– C-Spine Immobilization Soft Collars
– Kendrick Extrication Device
– Scoop Stretcher

Stunt Safety


Our paramedics are skilled drivers capable of 4wd, motorbike and racetrack driving, perfect for any vehicle chase scenes requiring a medical vehicle to follow behind performers and crew. Crews provided have obtained (at a minimum) their advanced driving certificates and have spent years driving under priority lights and sirens through unpredictable metropolitan traffic. In the unlikely event of a vehicle emergency on set, our crews are highly trained in the extrication of patients from motor vehicle accidents and work well alongside fire crews and other emergency services.

Working At Heights

With some of our team coming from an aeromedical background, our crews have years of valuable experience with rescue from heights, including winch operations from helicopters. Their vast paramedical exposure within State Emergency Services ensures reliable, time -tested practices in operating effectively at height, where safety is of utmost importance. Our Specialised Response Units (SRU) are the perfect asset to any stunt team Australia – wide.


Officers provided to assist your water safety team are all adept swimmers and are required to maintain a good level of physicality. Our crews have an array of water- based qualifications and skills including Bronze Medallion, SCUBA, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Rescue crewman qualifications as well as Boat and Jet Ski licencing.


Fire is an element that can be manipulated but not necessarily controlled. We have provided medical standby for HUMAN TORCH training and understand the processes involved to safely perform this stunt:
– Application of fuel and water gels
– Nomex and burn layers / costume
– Flame extinguishing techniques

Having felt first hand what it is to be set on fire for performance, our stand-by paramedic can immediately recognise any potential risks BEFORE they occur.

In the event of an unexpected emergency our officers have the knowledge and experience to manage anything from minor scalds to full thickness and airway burns. We will provide the best available care in the pre-hospital setting in line with current state ambulance practices.


Advanced Skill-set:
Medications For:

Pricing Tvc & Feature Film

Tailored to suit each productions’ needs. Simply fill out a short questionnaire to obtain an estimate.

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